The Handmade Jamaica Wedding Workshop *


The Handmade Jamaica Wedding Workshop at Hummingbird Hall is a unique, community-enriching enterprise whereby local Jamaican artisans, businesses and artists work in conjunction with our in-house wedding designers to hand produce custom wedding upgrades.

From custom wedding signs that double as wall hangings, to locally made jewellery, soaps and candles; through our Handmade Jamaica Wedding Workshop clients can support local Jamaican artisans and artists directly.

In wonderful similarity to the boutique Jamaican destination weddings that Hummingbird Hall hosts; handmade wedding items provide couples and their guests with a respite from a world that can be mass produced and impersonal. Rather, through the locally handmade Jamaican wedding favours and gifts that our Workshop produces; couples can further exemplify the unique, special and personal nature of their bond.

The Handmade Jamaica Wedding Workshop is a uniquely Hummingbird Hall innovation; and another way that we ensure that our Destination Weddings, Vow Renewals and LGBT Celebrations are as beneficial to the local community as they are beautiful.

The Handemade Jamaica Wedding Workshop


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Hummingbird Hall Jamaica: Home of the Handmade Jamaica Wedding Workshop

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