Jamaica Destination Wedding Photography

Aside from the beauty that is an award-winning Hummingbird Hall Jamaica destination wedding; photographs that immortalize the precious memories are crucially important.

Clients may chose from the following selection of photographers who are vetted and approved to work at Hummingbird Hall. Clients are also welcome to bring their photographer from abroad, or to use a family member.

  • Hummingbird Hall – a popular option! Please contact us for information about how Hummingbird Hall’s in-house photographers can memorialize your special day.

  • Marcia Roberts Photography, whose images capture the romance and love story of each couple.

  • Fostex Weddings. In their own words: “It is our mandate to make sure we creatively and passionately capture every moment as it happens without reservation, because we live in a world that is constant; it never stops, it never slows down and it never rewinds. The beautiful moments we create today will be gone tomorrow, in some cases forgotten; this is one of the many reasons our clients hire us – to freeze those beautiful moments as they happen in the most beautiful way possible, so today is never lost but will be here for generations. Our tag line could not have said it better “Fostex Weddings: more than just capturing moments, we’re bringing back yesterday”. whose images capture the romance and love story of each couple.

  • iKon Media Group, a Multimedia company that specializes in Wedding Photography and Cinematography. Their team of young, vibrant, and qualified professionals always takes pride in capturing every detail of your most special day in the most spectacular way. They believe that weddings are evolving so the days of long, boring videos are gone. They approach each wedding film with the aim of telling your story and creating a final product of the highest quality. Their tagline is “Trust us and put your day in our hands, and we’ll put a masterpiece in your hands.” Please click here to visit their website, and here to peruse a sample of their work.

  • The (insanely creative!) Photo Belles, whose detailed orientated style is classic, soft and pretty with a photo-journalistic edge.

  • Alain Hottat is a refreshing change to the destination wedding photography scene in Jamaica, and one of our most preferred photographers. Alain graduated in photography and cinematography in Belgium, has been living in Jamaica for the past 20+ years and is the past director of the Bob Marley School for Performing Arts. His breadth of work is vast, and includes weddings, documentaries (most recently in Africa and South America), music videos, high fashion and architectural/villa shoots. Alain is adored by glossy magazines (please click here for his editorial and fashion photography) and couples alike. Most importantly, Alain is an easy-going, fun and happy soul who fits perfectly with our ethos of relaxed, attentive and unobtrusive service.

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