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“Caribbean Sunshine” Filmed by Epic Weddings

“Vivacious Jamaica”

“Laid Back Romance” Filmed by Epic Wedding Videography

“Indian Wedding”

“Modern Romance”


Samantha and Aaron

Crystal and Walter

Lindsey and Rob

“Cruise Chic”

Deanna and Jevaughn

Tiffany and Barry

Kanesha and Branson

Olanda and Michael

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Kindly note:

Rates quoted directly by Hummingbird Hall represent Hummingbird Hall’s Direct Booking Discount (DBD) and are only available to those who book directly with Hummingbird Hall and pay via wire transfer or direct bank deposit (if in Jamaica).

Those who wish to pay using a credit card may pay via a travel agent, and would be responsible for all additional fees including the travel agent’s commission and credit card processing fees (an approximate 15% increase to the base cost of the wedding).