Jamaica Destination Wedding Ceremony Decorations

Jamaica destination wedding ceremony decorations

Customized Jamaica destination wedding ceremony decorations and professional destination wedding designers are included as standard in every Destination Wedding, Vow Renewal and LGBT Celebration package.

As standard Jamaica wedding ceremony decorations include a customized ‘floating’ floral arrangement, chiavari and folding wooden wedding chairs, a custom designed backdrop, custom aisle markers, custom gazebo decorations and optional tent. In addition, the bespoke custom wedding creations of our Workshop, and upgraded wedding ceremony decorations, are available at an additional cost.

At Hummingbird Hall, clients plan their Jamaica wedding ceremony decorations by way of our innovative Feathers Client Portal – a custom designed portal that allows clients to communicate with the team, upload and respond to wedding inspiration photographs, remain organized by way of task lists and convey their destination wedding vision.

Feathers enables clients to plan their destination wedding from any geographical location, wherever there is an internet connection, whilst on the go using a smart-phone and with the participation of as many friends and family members as desired.

A selection of wedding ceremony decoration inclusions are shown below. Upgraded decorations – which are an additional cost – are indicated by way of asterisks.