Wedding Industry in Jamaica Struggling Post Covid

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The wedding industry in Jamaica continues to struggle to get back to normality after 14 months as a result of Covid. Government restrictions in place like the curfew and limited wedding numbers have decimated the destination weddings businesses. Local wedding organisers are upset they haven’t been consulted on plans. For the meantime there doesn´t seem to be any foreseeable plan in which that scenario will change.

Resorts are excluded from the Prime Ministers Disaster Management announcements but off resort properties are still unsure on what if anything is happening to enable them to conduct their weddings. Some of these weddings have been booked for two years.

Couples who were asked to postpone their 2020 wedding to 2021 are still unable to proceed with the new restrictions. 

During the current climate, a wedding just isn’t seen as a priority or essential. However, thousands of Jamaicans are out of labor as a result of this policy.

Covid certified resorts are allowed to hold weddings and not restricted by the quantity of wedding guests which is currently 15. They´re also not restricted by the curfew. Currently this is 8pm on weekdays, 6pm on Saturdays and 2pm on Sundays. Some resorts are holding weddings of 200 guests whilst the off-resort venues are looking to hold just 100 guests. These venues have put several proposals to the government but have yet to be given any positive feedback. Many of these venues are already licensed, Covid Certified and following the very same protocols the hotels are. Many in the industry have the opinion the government has completely forgot that it is an intricate a part of the tourism industry.

A petition has been created to demonstrate to the government just how many people in the wedding industry in jamaica have been affected by these restrictions during Covid.

No-one is asking the government for special treatment. Covid certified businesses just want the same standards to apply to them as they do to with the resorts.

All tourists must enter Jamaica with a negative Covid test so many of these visitors are already vaccinated. Those working for companies in Jamaica are also volunteering to be tested. The aim being to reduce the risk of infection even further. The whole industry is pleading with the government to sit down with them. Only then will they find out a way to help the industry get back on its feet.