Jamaica’s Must Visit Destinations

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If you´re visiting for a wedding don´t forget to see the many must see destinations in Jamaica while you´re here!

Resort destinations in Jamaica

Montego Bay’s Wild Orchid Secrets

Secrets is a gorgeous resort suitable for weddings and honeymoons. Nestled in a hidden nook of the island’s second capital, Montego Bay. This all-inclusive resort provides first-class care to its visitors. It will help you make your honeymoon a romantic and peaceful experience.

Sandals Grande Riviera

The Sandals Grande Riviera is the perfect resort for you if you love stunning beaches and the tranquillity of botanical gardens. This resort will enable you to take advantage of the beauty of Jamaica by offering a wide range of activities and wedding sites to choose from.

Negril Couples Resort

Negril is a must-see destination for anybody visiting Jamaica. It´s known for its stunning white sand beaches that span nine miles. Make the beach your romantic haven as you take in the Caribbean Sea’s splendor and enticing scents. This eco-friendly resort provides visitors with customized wedding packages.

Many island vacations mainly include staying in a hotel and relaxing on the beach. However a trip to Jamaica would be incomplete without experiencing the full “yaadie” experience. The “yaadie” experience is multi-faceted, encompassing different parts of Jamaican cuisine, music, and culture. The following is a list of some of Jamaica’s most popular tourist destinations.

Tourist destinations in Jamaica

Rick’s Café

Rick’s Café, located in the lovely city of Negril, offers a wide range of cuisine and entertainment options for those looking for a true Jamaican experience. This vibrant restaurant is believed to have the best view of the Jamaican sunset. Food ranges from the renowned jerked chicken and escoveitch fish to the milder bbq chicken and filet mignon. Patrons can sample a wide range of menu options to suit their tastes. Rice and peas, as well as Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee, are two other menu items that showcase local foods. In addition, this restaurant offers customers the thrilling experience of cliff diving into the gorgeous water.

Dolphin Cove 

Dolphins are among the most beautiful animals on the planet. Dolphin Cove in Ocho Rios allows visitors to engage with these magnificent creatures. The adventure, however, does not finish there. Why not experience a nature walk exhibiting many exotic creatures? You can also see as a shark show and swim with dolphins and sting rays. There is also a kayak excursion allowing guests to see the stunning underwater features. If all of these activities make you sleepy, relax on the beach and be soothed by the magnificent surroundings.

Dunn’s River Falls 

Dunn’s River Falls is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Jamaica, offering an exhilarating climb up a stunning waterfall, as well as vendors selling local crafts and a gorgeous beach with a variety of water activities. You’ll be able to do more than just lie on the beach here, because you’ll be able to really get up and explore. When you visit Ocho Rios, make sure to include this attraction on your must-do list.

Rose Hall Great House

You will use words like mysterious and exhilarating to describe your stay at the Rose Hall Great House in Montego Bay. The legend of Annie Palmer, a white witch who murdered all of her husbands and slave lovers and whose spirit still haunts the estate’s halls and gardens, inspired the story of this magnificent mansion. You will be able to see some of the antiquities and gorgeous architecture from the 1800s as you are taken on a tour of the Great House. But take care… You never know when Annie Palmer’s ghost will appear around the corner.

Tracks and Records

Despite the fact that it is not a standard tourist site, it is still a popular hangout for locals and is undoubtedly the place to be if you are in Kingston. Tracks and Records, named after the world’s fastest man, Usain Bolt, is a sports bar with flat screens. A great place to watch various sporting events and enjoy a hearty menu containing several Jamaican delicacies. Tracks and Records is a must visit destination in Kingston, Jamaica because of its lively atmosphere, helpful service, and delicious food.

Jack Sprat Restaurant

The Jamaican South Coast is typically overlooked because it has significantly less attractions than the North Coast’s major tourist destinations. If you’re on the South Coast, though, the Jack Sprat restaurant is the place to go for delicious Jamaican seafood. Jack Sprat, tucked away in a secluded corner of Treasure Beach, Saint Elizabeth, allows visitors to enjoy the splendor of the Caribbean Sea while dining on “finger-licking” cuisine. It is a favorite hangout for residents who live nearby, and provides tourists with an opportunity to mingle with locals and sample Jamaican seafood.