Useful Info About Jamaican Weddings

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Weddings in Jamaica are an incredible experience. Here is some useful info you should consider before booking your dream trip though!

Money and Wedding Expenses

The Jamaican dollar is the major currency used in daily transactions in Jamaica (JMD). However, because Jamaica relies significantly on foreign exchange, most places will accept US dollars (USD). A wedding in Jamaica costs an average of JMD$1.5 million, or around US$14,285.

Furthermore, as a visitor, the most comfortable and dependable method of transportation would be a bus chartered by the hotel where you are staying or a JUTA tours bus. If you want greater flexibility to roam, you can rent a car, but keep in mind that Jamaicans drive on the left side of the road, not the right!

Legal Requirements for Marrying in Jamaica

In general, if a visitor has applied for a marriage license in advance, they can get married the same day they arrive on the island. Additionally, for visitors marrying in Jamaica, the following documents are required:

A verified copy of your birth certificate with your father’s name on it.

If you are under the age of 18, you must have your parent’s written permission.

Divorce certificate original (if applicable).

Certified copy of a widow’s or widower’s death certificate

You and your spouse sign a copy of your Marriage Register at the end of your wedding ceremony. This Register’s aim is to prove that you are now married, but it cannot be used for business purposes. The Registrar General’s Department will complete your official Marriage Register within a week to a month. For more information on the legal prerequisites for marriage in Jamaica, please visit the website of the Jamaican Embassy in your country.

Jamaica’s Counties and Parishes

Although Jamaica appears to be a tiny spot on the map, it is the Caribbean’s third largest island. The county of Cornwall, Middlesex, and Surrey, as well as 14 parishes, make up the country. Each parish has its own distinct characteristics as well as ideal venues for lovely weddings.

Hopefully this useful info about Jamaican weddings should ensure your wedding goes off without a hitch!